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The following is a list of  consumable items we generally carry aboard Sanctuary.  It is offered as a suggested list for cruising boats.  There is nothing on this list that we don’t use.

Item Manufacturer Model Number Description
Propulsion Engine (Battery Bank) East Penn Mfg EGC2 Sam’s Club Duracell
6-GC2 Flooded Golf Car Batteries
Propulsion Engine Oil Filters Filter elements:
Fram PH3976A
Wix 51602
NAPA 1607
Propulsion Engine Fuel Filters Filter elements:
Wix 33472
NAPA 3472
Propulsion Engine Air Filter Filter elements:
Duralite ECB08-5001
Fleet AH1136
NAPA 6634
Diesel Fuel Primary Filters Racor 500FG Filter elements:
Racor 2010SM
NAPA 3208
Diesel Fuel Filter body Service Kit Racor
Engine coolant antifreeze Prestone, Peak ethylene glycol
Propulsion Engine raw water impeller kit Sherwood 10615K 10615 Impeller and gaskets
Genset Start Battery Sam’s Club Lead Acid start battery
Genset Impeller Onan, Globe Impeller:
Onan 0131-0160
Globe 1014
Genset raw water impeller kit Onan, Globe 0131-0179
Genset Oil Filter Onan Filter elements:
Onan 0122-0185
Fram PH16
Sierra 18-7878
Genset Fuel Filter Onan Filter elements:
Onan 0122-0325 (Pri)
Onan 0122-0326 (Sec)
FleetGuard FF5031
NAPA 3365 (Pri)
NAPA 3366 (Sec)
Propulsion Transmission Hydraulic Fluid Auto Parts Store Dexron III
Thruster Fluid Filter King Bearing
King Bearing: 1A9160
NAPA: 1551
Propulsion Shaft Packing Marine Chandlery 1/4″
Rudder Shaft Packing Marine Chandlery 5/16”
dock line Marine Chandlery 5/8” nylon 3-strand
Impeller kit Jabsco 14750-0003 Impeller service kit for oil transfer pump
Fender(s) Marine Chandlery
Dock Line(s) Marine Chandlery
Zincs Camp X-8 1-3/4” drive shaft
Camp R-3 Thruster brackets
Technoseal USA R-5 Rudder
Reliance DP-612H Transom
Camp E-1 Heat Exchanger
LEDs Phillips 9290002242 For Trac lighting
300 Lumens
Electrical Wire Marinco/Ancor BC5W2 12AWG, Black
12AWG, Red
10AWG, Black
10 AWG, Red
10 AWG Triplex
00 AWG, Red
00 AWG, Black
Electrical Terminals & Connectors Marinco/Ancor Crimp-on selection of red, blue, yellow; selection of large DC cable terminals and connectors
Fuses, replacement Auto Parts Store, Marine Chandlery FOR EVERY FUSE INSTALLED ONBOARD
Light bulbs, replacement Auto Parts Store, Marine Chandlery FOR EVERY LIGHT BULB INSTALLED ONBOARD
Heat shrink tubing Marinco/Ancor various sizes
Wire Ties Marine Chandlery black, white
Marine Chandlery miniature, misc. colors
electrical tape big box hdwr black, red, white, green
Heat pump air filter big box hdwr
drinking water charcoal filter PUR
Copper tubing big box hdwr 3/8”
Copper tubing fittings big box hdwr NPT, NPS, Flare, JIC
Various sizes
Barbed hose connectors big box hdwr, auto parts, hydraulic shop selection of various sizes
Hi-Temp RTV Silicon Gasket Maker Permatex 26B
Hi-temperature Silicon repair tape Rescue Tape 950psi, 8kV, 500ºF
black, red, white, green
Shop Towels auto parts store
Anti-Seize grease Permatex 80071
Pipe thread sealant w/PFTE Permatex 80632
Pipe thread sealant for hydraulic lines Boss #240
Pipe thread sealant for fuel Rectorseal #5 yellow container
Solder Rosin Core
Utility lubricant grease Star brite PFTE grease
High Vacuum Grease Dow Corning large electrical connectors
Utility/detailing brushes Auto Parts store, ACE hdwr ss, brass, plastic
Solvents and wood stains big box hdwr acetone
big box hdwr mineral spirits
Marine Chandlery Cetol Marine Light
Marine Chandlery Cetol Gloss
Duct Tape Big Box hdwr
WD40 Big Box hdwr
PB Blaster Big Box hdwr, auto parts thread penetrating oil
Corrosion-X Marine Chandlery
Polysulfide sealer 3M 101
Marine Adhesive 3M 4200, 5200
Wood Glue Titebond II
Wool Finishing bonnet Milwaukee 49-36-0600
Makita 743403-A 7-1/2”, Hook and Loop attachment
Foam Polishing pad Shurhold 3152 6-1/2”, hook and Loop attachment
sandpaper Big Box hdwr 80, 120, 220 grit sheet
Big Box hdwr 80, 120, 220 grit DeWalt, round, 5”, 8-hole
Big Box hdwr 80, 120, 220 grit Octo
Big Box hdwr 80, 120, 220 grit Ryobi Detail
Thread Locker Loctite, tube blue
Thread Locker Loctite QuickTape #249 blue, tape
Pipe Dope for Potable Water Permatex
Pipe Dope for Fuel Permatex
Epoxy Utility Glue Big Box hdwr
Epoxy Putty Big Box hdwr
JB Weld Big Box hdwr
Hydraulic Steering Fluid Teleflex
Distilled Water Grocery, Pharmacy
SS hose clamps Marine Chandlery
SS wire, spool Marine Chandlery
Shackles Crosby Hi-Carbon steel ONLY
Thimbles Marine Chandlery
Cotter Pins/ Shear Pins Marine Chandlery
Washers, copper/brass Marine Chandlery Selection
Washers, water hose big box hdwr potable water hose, utility hose
Washers, SS Marine Chandlery Selection
Hose clamps, SS Marine Chandlery Selection all-SS only
Machine screws Marine Chandlery Selection SS
Bolts Marine Chandlery Selection SS
Nuts Marine Chandlery Selection SS
Washers Marine Chandlery Selection SS
Wood Screws, pan head Marine Chandlery Selection SS
Wood Screws, oval head Marine Chandlery Selection SS
Key stock, bronze Marine Chandlery fit for prop shaft
Key stock, steel Marine Chandlery selection
woodruff keys Marine Chandlery selection
Dinghy Motor Spark Plug Auto Parts Store SS
Outboard Motor Oil (40:1) Marine Chandlery
Hypalon boat cleaner MaryKate
First Aid kit/Contents Pharmacy
BP Kit Pharmacy
Pulse Ox Internet, Pharmacy
Emergency Flare kit/contents Orion
Solder Rosin Core
Soldering iron tips selection
Vacuum Cleaner bags