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I am at risk of bragging, but I think I’m good with mechanical things.  And, I generally enjoy working on the boat’s systems.  Our Sanctuary occasionally offers up the chance to work on her, sometimes in “exotic places” (Ahh! The definition of “cruising,”)  Following is a list of hand tools I find useful.  Specialty items are listed in red.  I find the specialty items incredibly useful, if only used occasionally.  For the tasks they are good at, such as accessing a bolt head in a very limited and tight space, there is nothing else that will do the job.

I suggest the reader use this list to assess personal hand tool requirements.  If not a DIYer, a small subset will do.  With these tools, many DIY projects are possible.

Stubby 7/16

Stubby 7/16″ ratcheting combination wrench with 7/16″ hex-drive stubby socket

Here, for example, is a photo of the Sears hex socket in a GearWrench stubby ratcheting combination wrench.  It is the only combination of tools I know of that allows me to remove the cover on my raw water pump without pulling the entire pump off the engine boss.  The Craftsman 3/8″ deepwell socket set I mention has the only socket that is both the right size and is physically short enough to fit onto the fuel shutoff solenoid on a Cummins 4B/6B injection pump without having to pull the pump off the engine.  So I grant, these are not tools that will be used every day, but when they’re are needed to do a job, nothing else will do.


 ✓ Qty Tool Source
1 12 oz claw hammer
1 8 oz stubby ballpeen hammer
1 #1 Phillips screwdriver, 6” Crafstman
2 #2 Phillips screwdriver, 6” Craftsman
1 #3 Phillips screwdriver, 6” Craftsman
1 #1 straight blade screw driver, 4” Craftsman
1 #2 straight blade screw driver, 6” Craftsman
1 #2 straight blade screw driver, 6” square shank Craftsman
1 #3 straight blade screw driver, 12” square shank Craftsman
1 set jeweler’s screw drivers
1 set screwdriver’s w/hex bolster (shank end or butt end) Internet
1 screw starter, Phillips head
1 screw starter, straight head
1 set combination wrenches, ratcheting box end, SAE GearWrence
1 set combination wrenches, ratcheting box end, SAE, stubby GearWrence
1 set combination wrenches, ratcheting box end, Metric GearWrence
1 set combination wrenches, ratcheting box end, Metric, stubby GearWrence
1 set tubing wrenches, SAE GearWrence
1 set tubing wrenches, Metric Craftsman
1 miniature adjustable wrench Craftsman
1 6” adjustable wrench Craftsman
1 8” adjustable wrench Craftsman
1 10” adjustable wrench Craftsman
1 12” adjustable wrench Craftsman
1 1/4” socket set, SAE Craftsman
1 1/4” socket set, Metric Craftsman
1 1/4” socket wrench Craftsman
selection 1/4” extensions Craftsman
1 3/8” socket set, SAE Craftsman
1 3/8” socket set, Metric Craftsman
1 3/8” socket wrench Craftsman
selection 3/8” extensions Craftsman
1 1/2” socket set, SAE Craftsman
1 1/2” socket set, Metric Craftsman
1 1/2” socket wrench Craftsman
set 1/4” deep well sockets Craftsman
set 3/8” deep well sockets (recommend # 34567) Craftsman
set 1/2” deep well sockets Craftsman
selection 1/2” extensions Craftsman
selection male and female socket-to-drive size adapters Craftsman
set 1/2”, 3/8” and 1/2” Universal joint adapters Craftsman
1 1/2” , micrometer style, torque wrench, 20-150# Craftsman
1 style=”color: #ff0000;”>35 Pc MicroDriver Set #85035 GearWrench
1 Do it Best 4 Pc Adapter Set #397539 GearWrench
1 3/4 in. Wrench Socket #42067 (shallow sockets) Craftsman
1 10” “Ford” wrench
1 10” plumber’s wrench
2 24” plumber’s wrench
1 Sea Strainer wrench Marine Chandlery
2 deck key wrench
1 strap wrench, small
1 strap wrench, large
1 chain wrench
1 locking chain pliers
1 Lineman’s Pliers Channellock
1 utility pliers Channellock
selection Sliding joint pipe pliers Channellock
1 needle nose pliers Craftsman
1 needle nose pliers, miniature Craftsman
1 circlip pliers, inside Craftsman
1 circlip pliers, outside Craftsman
1 wire stripper Craftsman
1 diagonal cutter (dikes) Craftsman
1 Vise grip, small
1 Vise grip, large
selection SAE taps Craftsman
selection SAE die Craftsman
selection Metric taps Craftsman
selection Metric die Craftsman
1 vise; Z VISE by Zylizz (pronounced: ZY-liss) Internet
selection putty knife
1 Marine ratcheting double-crimp tool Ancor
1 ratcheting modular plug crimp tool (RJ45, RJ11) Big Box, Hdwr
selection Allen Keys, SAE Craftsman
1 set Allen Keys, Metric Craftsman
1 ClampTite Emergency Clamping tool Internet
selection drill bits, titanium
selection drill bits, brad point
selection drill bits, paddle face
selection seal/o-ring removal picks
selection dental picks auto parts store
1 EMS Scissors Hdwr, pharmacy
1 spring hook
1 Utility hand pump, water
1 Utility hand pump, petrochemicals
1 impeller puller
selection hole saws Big Box, Hdwr
1 hole saw arbor Big Box, Hdwr
1 6” vernier caliper, plastic (steel rusts) auto parts store
selection ss, brass & plastic bristle brushes
1 miniature hacksaw and blades
1 Std hacksaw and blades
selection cabinet maker’s rasps
selection flat bastard files
set flat feeler gauges
1 measuring tape
1 1/2” round wire brush
1 utility wire brush
1 mirror on extendable handle
1 magnet on extendable handle
1 lost part retrieval tool
selection LED flashlight(s)
set screw extractors Craftsman
selection electrical connectors (red, blue, yellow)
selection 12 AWG wire
selection 10 AWG wire
1 fish tape (electrical wiring)
selection electrical tape; black, red, white, green
1 container High Vacuum Grease; Dow Corning
selection wire ties, black
selection wire ties, white
selection wire ties, miniature, misc. colors
1 6” carpenter’s square
1 12” spirit level
selection Rescue tape; black, red, white, green
1 tubing bender (steel, copper)
1 1/2” miniature pry bar
1 1” miniature pry bar
1 12” pry bar
selection 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” wood chisels
1 pulley puller, 2-leg  auto parts store
1 pulley puller, 3-leg  auto parts store
1 puller, “H” style  auto parts store
1 razor scraper w/blades
selection wood working saws
1 drill gauge, SAE
1 drill gauge, Metric
1 thread gauge, SAE
1 thread gauge, Metric
1 nut gauge, SAE
1 nut gauge, Metric
1 sewing awl with thread
selection paint brushes
1 paint brush spinner
1 qt acetone
1 qt mineral spirits
1 qt Cetol Marine Light
1 qt Cetol Gloss
1 container Anti-Seize grease; Permatex 80071
1 container Pipe thread sealant w/PFTE; Permatex 80632
1 container PFTE grease