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Test Equipment

Following is a suggested list of test tools that we think cruising boats should consider carrying aboard.

Item Brand Model # Description Batteries used
Cooling System pressure tester Auto store Heat exchanger / radiator cap pressure tester n/a
Digital Multimeter Sears 82170 AC/DC Volts/Amps/Hz
Circuit tester
Clamp-on meter Sears 82369 AC/DC Volts/Amps/Hz
Circuit tester
Infrared thermometer many Temperature: °F, °C  2-AAs
Wire Tracker Ancor Multi-Purpose Wire Tracker 2-AAs &
Battery Conductance Analyzer Midtronics MDX-600 n/a
Digital Tachometer Digital Meter TC802 9V
DC circuit tester Power Probe PP3LS01 n/a
Digital Inspection Camera CEN-TECH 67980 Internal;
3.7V LiON
Kill A Watt p3international p4400 n/a
Motor Oil Checker Lubricheck 8200 http://www. CR2016